Best Plus Size Shapewear Shorts

So you finally saw a glorious dress that fits the event you have in mind. Make it even better with the right shapewear piece. Shapewear shorts will absolutely put your dress and your bod to the next level with the sleeker silhouette it provides. If you have yet to try one, make sure to read the rest of this article and find out which shapewear shorts is right for you.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are shapewear shorts exactly?

    Answer: Shapewear shorts has become a wardrobe staple among many women due to its functional design. It is used to be worn under dresses, pants and skirts. It is designed with features that help shape the thighs and even out the tummy. This shapewear piece extends from under the bust to just before the knee, evening out parts that are contained within the shapewear.

  2. What shapewear shorts will be suitable for me?

    Answer: If you want something that will provide a totally contoured look, you should look for shapewear shorts that are high-waisted, extending from the midriff down to the thighs. The design will help sculpt the waist, even out your belly and slim the thighs. If you just want something that will only take care of your tummy but will give enough back coverage and provide your buttocks plenty of lift, go for ones that cover the midriff and has a length that reaches the upper part of your thighs. If you are concerned about seams showing, there’s no need to contend with it since majority of shapeware were made to be seamless for a completely seamless look.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing shapewear?

    Answer: When it comes to shapewear, you still need to get one that best fits your size. There’s actually no need for you to go smaller since it’s designed to trim you down already. You do need to feel comfortable while wearing it since shapewear has compression features that will contain bulges and make things feel a bit tight. If you want something that will even out and shape your mid-section and bottom, it is best that you go for ones with high-waist designs. In addition, look for shapewear that is made with cotton blend material. Shapewear is tight and it can get hot thus the right size is important combined with skin-friendly, breathable fabrics. Also, get the piece which suits the compression or control you need—light ones give a little more compression compared to regular undies, medium control ones even out lines and bulges while firm control provides an allover metamorphosis.

Our Top Picks


EMPETUA High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts

  • 90% nylon/10% spandex
  • Comfortable fit
  • Full body shaper design
  • Available in black and nude colors

The EMPETUA High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts features a full body shaper design which gives coverage on the waist, tummy and the back. The fit is quite comfortable even with all the restrictive elements included in the design. It is made from a nylon and spandex blend so it’s still a comfort to wear. It smoothens lines and bulges happening on your waist and belly so you will have a more streamlined look under dresses, skirts and pants. The shaper shorts feature a seamless design too so it will stay unobtrusive even under thinner fabrics.


SPANX Shapewear for Women High Waist Power Shorts

  • 54% nylon/46% spandex/elastane
  • True to size
  • Has stay-put waistband
  • Features targeted shaping

SPANX is a popular choice for lots of celebrities and the brand’s products have been embraced by plenty of women all over the world. Their High Waist Power Shorts is another recommended item from the brand, known for its targeted shaping feature—it comes with shaping zones which focus on the belly. For added comfort, the shaper shirts are also made with comfortable fabrics that are not only kind to your skin but gives enough support too. Will not give any muffin top. Comes true to size and available in regular and plus sizes.


Bali Women’s Shapewear Cool Comfort Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer

  • Made with nylon and spandex blend
  • Has 100% cotton crotch lining
  • Features Cool Comfort design
  • Lycra Beauty fabric

The Bali Women’s Shapewear Cool Comfort Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer will keep you cool and sleek all day long, credits to its effective design and choice materials. The Lycra Beauty fabric was especially designed to make movement easy while using this shapewear item. It is made from a breathable mix of nylon and spandex with a cotton crotch lining for effortless wear even with all that compression going on. The Cool Comfort design keeps things cool while the shaper does its job of smoothing down bulges and bumps on your thighs, belly and bum.


ROBERT MATTHEW Women’s Shapewear Tummy Control Shorts

  • Made with spandex and nylon blend
  • Has lightweight design
  • Smoothens and slims down
  • Comfortable to wear

The ROBERT MATTHEW Women’s Shapewear Tummy Control Shorts has the capability to even out bulges and bumps throughout your tummy, waist and thighs yet it’s comfy to wear. Regardless of any movement you make, this one budges along with you plus it’s very lightweight too, making it ideal to wear for all seasons. It will not roll down due to its efficient waist design and it offers good back support too.


Nebility Women Tummy Control Shapewear

  • Gives medium compression
  • 36-degree shaping
  • Gives back support
  • Butt lifter design

If you want some oomph on your butt, you should give the Nebility Women Tummy Control Shapewear a whirl. This one not only comes with moderate compression on the tummy that you can rely on, it also gives full back support, slims down your thighs and features a design that gives your rear the lift it deserves. Its back ergonomics has double stitching which helps tighten bums and lift the rear for a curvier, sexier profile. This is definitely the shaper shorts you need if you want a more enhanced bod.


Irisnaya Shapewear for Women High Waist Compression Shorts

  • Made with polyamide and spandex
  • Includes cotton crotch lining
  • Has butt lifter design
  • Slims down thighs

The Irisnaya Shapewear for Women High Waist Compression Shorts is another great choice that does plenty of slimming and trimming on choice body parts. It has a design that compresses the belly, tones down your waistline, gives the rear a joyful lift and slims down thighs. This waist cincher slash thigh shaper shorts also give enough support for the lower back, easing some pain and improving posture. It will not roll down too during wear so everything remains invisible beneath there.

Whether you want compression on your belly, your thighs or your waist, a good pair of shaper shorts will do its job of giving your body a sleeker, slimmer look. Flaunt those curves today by wearing the shapewear shorts that suit your assets well.