The Most Fashionable Plus Size Leggings

Leggings are one of the comfiest articles of clothing that one can enjoy wearing—some of us are even wearing them at work. They’re versatile pieces too—you can wear them as is with tunics and other long tops, as a complimentary piece for boots, dresses or skirts or wear them like you would denim pants for work or play. For plus size gals who would love to take advantage of stylish leggings, our curated list is always here to help you in this regard.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the best pair of leggings for plus size women?

    Answer: When it comes to leggings, the opacity and the thickness of the material is key in comfort and looking cute as a button. Make sure that the pair of leggings does not allow the legs to peek through—they should not look like stockings at all. Low-quality leggings made from mediocre material leave a rather patchy, uneven look all over the legs. Choose leggings made from thicker material since the thickness can help in reducing cellulite marks and make for a smoother look. More opaque, thicker leggings will also conceal your underwear.

  2. What clothing pieces pair well with plus size leggings?

    Answer: Clothing pieces that are long and a bit on the loose side are perfect for leggings. Do not go for tops that are too short or tight. Choose tops with a length that stops at the hips or below it. Longer shirts and blouses, flowy tops, tunics, cardigans, oversized sweaters and dresses are great to pair with leggings.

  3. What should I consider when choosing plus size leggings?

    Answer: First, you need to assess the quality of the item. Leggings with excellent quality last long and they usually have the best fit. These leggings will also provide ample support where you need it most and highlight the assets you have. You also need to be meticulous with sizing—remember that proportions differ when it comes to fabrics. Brands have made accurate conversion tables for their leggings though so make sure to check them out before buying a pair. Size is essential since the right size will help minimize unsightly bulges and provide a more seamless, even look. Purchase leggings that wrap your body snugly—they should not be too tight or baggy. In addition, always dress according to your body shape—this means being aware if your body has a pear, apple, inverted triangle or rectangle shape. This knowledge can help you create an outfit and wardrobe that best flatters your figure.

Our Top Picks


Just My Size Women’s Plus-Size Stretch Jersey Legging

  • Made with cotton and spandexTag-free waist
  • No pockets and drawstring
  • Thin elastic band

This pair of leggings from Just My Size is plain but very comfy—it does not include any pockets, drawstrings or other features that can get in the way of a smooth, even appearance. For extra comfort, the leggings does not have tags on the waistline as well. What you will get is a comfortable thin elastic waistband and a soft fabric made from a blend of cotton and spandex. The material has nice give and has balanced stretch which allows freedom of movement. It is not too restrictive and the material has good thickness too. This is something you can wear for all seasons—just pair it with pieces that suit the specific season.


Daily Ritual Women’s Plus Size Ponte Knit Legging

  • Made with rayon, nylon and spandex
  • Features clean lines
  • Pocket-free pair
  • Wider waistband

The Daily Ritual Women’s Plus Size Ponte Knit Legging is made from an efficient and soft blend of rayon, nylon and spandex materials. If comfort is a priority, this one ranks highly thanks to the balanced flex it gives, its neat lines and wider waistband. This pair of leggings make for an excellent complimentary piece to your everyday basics. Also, great to use for all seasons—just pair it with suitable pieces you prefer for specific seasons. You will indeed need this piece in every available color to suit various Looks of the Day.


Zerdocean Women’s Plus Size 100% Cotton Fleece Lining Leggings

  • Thick, non-transparent fabric
  • Features elastic waistband
  • Has soft fleece lining
  • 26.50-inch inseam length

This cotton fleece leggings from Zerdocean will make your winters more stylish and fashionable. The pair makes for an excellent harmonizing piece that you can pair with your winter basics. The leggings feature soft, 100 percent cotton fleece and it’s sufficiently thick to cover anything you need to hide. The thickness also provides a more seamless look—this means less bulges that can ruin your outfit. Requires handwashing and line-drying to retain form and quality.


HUE Women’s Essential Denim Leggings

  • Made with cotton, polyester and spandex
  • Casual jean design
  • Comfortable stretch
  • Includes functional rear pockets

If you want a pair of leggings that can effectively pull off the denim pants look, then this one from HUE might catch your attention. It has a casual jean style with functional rear pockets plus some faux front fly and pockets. To complete the ensemble, the leggings are also fashioned with brushed gold hardware and contrast top stitching. Very comfy to wear and its quality and design also makes this good pair to wear at work as long as you pair it with appropriate pieces. The leggings also come in a good selection of solid colors that suit many basic clothing pieces.


ODODOS Women’s Tummy Control Yoga Pants

  • Made with polyester and spandex
  • Features elastic closure
  • 4-way stretch
  • Non-see through fabric

For those on the lookout for quality yoga pants, this one from ODODOS rates well in terms of performance and value. It is made from a comfy and balanced mix of polyester and spandex fabrics—it presents excellent give but it’s not too restrictive either so you can move about effortlessly from one post to another. It’s also designed to take away moisture from the body thus making this pair the best pants to wear not only for yoga but for other active pursuits as well.


Lyssé Women’s Plus Size Hi Waist Vegan Legging

  • Made with rayon and spandex
  • Has front and back seams
  • Custom-designed hi-waist
  • Soft stretch lining

Leather pants are stylish but options can be limited if you are plus size or vegan. You need not fret for this pair of Lyssé Women’s Plus Size Hi Waist Vegan Legging will fit your preferences. This faux leather piece wins when it comes to quality and comfortable wear—the pair is crafted from a good combo of rayon and spandex for comfort plus it’s finished with a vegan polyurethane coating that effectively imitates the look of real leather. This one is perfect for nights out, dates and as club wear too. A great addition if you want a more high-fashion wardrobe.

Leggings are for everyone—the key for a good look is appropriate fit, impeccable design and quality material. For high-quality leggings, you can make our handy guide as an instant reference. We certainly hope we have helped you find a suitable pair.